Student Feedback

"One thing I learned from your [class] is that reading and writing can be fun.  I like putting my own personal experiences on paper and mixing it with some fiction to make a story."

Summer R.

"Your workshop made me learn that if I believe in myself, I can become anything I set my mind to."

John D.

"The thing you helped me realize is that my imagination is very important to me.  When you told everyone to close their eyes, and you were helping us to imagine things, you opened my mind and everything was wide and clear.  You guided me way down in my thoughts, and now when my teacher tells the class to do independent writing, I find it a lot easier to imagine what I am going to write."

Jamal D.

"I've learned that I can write a short story, and that I find it easy I am much more interested in writing a short story.  I've learned so much about MYSELF and it's because of you!"


"What I learned from you is that nothing is perfect, because I always been a perfectionist.  Now I feel good for what I do, if I do my best.  I've learned a lot from you coming in and talking to our class, and I'm very grateful."


"I learned a lot more about myself with your teaching than I learned about myself before.  Ever since you came in and I knew you were an author, it made me realize that I could be a pretty good writer."


"What I learned about myself from your teaching is that I enjoy writing on any topic, because you have taught me to dig deeper on a topic so I can write about it, but have fun too."

Azeem M.

"Now I write what I like, and not just what other people like."


"I learned that I can be very good at writing details and that I can write very interesting paragraphs when I have a clear picture in my mind.  Before, I couldn't do that very easily because I didn't know what kind of detail to put in my stories.  I finally have a reference to help my future stories be all the more exciting and all the more clear.  Thank you."

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