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Andrea Torrey Balsara - Author & Illustrator

I am a children’s author and illustrator, and a hopeless optimist about the goodness in people…especially in children!  My stories and art reflect my belief that we are all ONE (yes…you too!) and that no matter where we’ve come from, we are linked together.

Andrea Torrey Balsara Author & Illustrator

The characters and critters that inhabit my stories get put through all sorts of mishaps and adventures.  By the end of it, as they emerge blinking in the sun after the long night, they decide that life is good.  They may be weary and lucky to be alive (thanks to me) but they are able to see that the sun still shines, and that the stars are always there, even when you can’t see them.

My stories and art come from questions I have, or ideas I want to explore…kind of like digging for buried treasure.  I write between genres, and for different age groups (from picture books to young adult), and even switch between illustrating and writing. 

I believe we ALL have our own treasury of ideas and possibilities, that there is no limit to who we (YOU) can become.  It is my hope that as you read my stories you will feel the excitement that comes when you reach for the stars!

Andrea Torrey Balsara - Stories
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