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Interested in my art?

Contact me for purchases, charity sponsoring, licensing, downloads, and NFTs.  

Walking Under the Night Sky.jpg

"Walking Under the Night Sky"

"The Watchers"

The Watchers (1).jpg
Polar Bear King_edited.jpg

"The Polar Bear King"

"Electric Kitty"

Electric Kitty art print.gif
Where Jesus Walked-min.jpg

"Where Jesus Walked"

Penguin Love ART PRINT-min.jpg

"Penguin Love"

Sweet Ruby art print.gif

"Sweet Ruby"

Under the Sea art print-min (1).JPG

"Under the Sea"

The Golden Wood art print.gif

"The Golden Wood"

Rising Spirit.jpg

"Spirit Rising

Website other pages 1_edited.jpg

"Mystic Forest"

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