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Interested in my art?

Contact me for purchases, charity sponsoring, licensing, downloads, and NFTs.  

Fox - lo res.jpg


Darwin lo-res.jpg

"Darwin the Donkey"

Polar Bear King_edited.jpg

"The Polar Bear King"

Walking Under the Night Sky.jpg

"Walking Under the Night Sky"

The Watchers (1).jpg

"Electric Kitty"

Electric Kitty art print.gif

"The Watchers"

Penguin Love ART PRINT-min.jpg

"Penguin Love"

Where Jesus Walked-min.jpg

"Where Jesus Walked"

Sweet Ruby art print.gif

"Sweet Ruby"

Under the Sea art print-min (1).JPG

"Under the Sea"

The Golden Wood art print.gif

"The Golden Wood"

Rising Spirit.jpg

"Spirit Rising

Website other pages 1_edited.jpg

"Mystic Forest"

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