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Finding Magic🍂 - October 2023 Newsletter

Updated: May 21

Dear Friends,

My husband Nav and I went on a camping trip a week ago, and as luck would have it, we camped when the trees across Ontario were GLORIOUS.

The trees created an overarching canopy.

We hiked across sand dunes, through forests, and along Lake Ontario. I have become interested in layering photos, patterns, and textures in my digital artwork, and so I started taking photos of things I normally would walk right by.

The beauty of the trees was obvious (and breathtaking!!) but the beauty in the things I was photographing for layering work, struck me. The intricate pattern of leaves. Rough tree bark. Rotting craggy stumps. Swirling limbs of sumac. Tiny wildflowers of the deepest purple hue. So much abundant, simple beauty. How many times am I lost in my thoughts (worrying about the future or mulling about the past) and I miss these moments of beauty that are ALL AROUND ME?

When we returned home and I was out walking the dogs, again I was struck by simple, abundant beauty: light playing on hydrangea flowers and leaves; walnuts hanging like Christmas ornaments from overhead tree limbs; dew drops glistening like jewels on leaves strewn on the road.

I think we all forget to look—to REALLY look.

There is beauty everywhere. When we come out of the fog of our distractions, and really see, the world suddenly seems magical again.

I invite you to share your magical moments with me—I would love to see photos of what simple beauty surrounds you. Email me and I will post it to my Facebook group, which you are welcome to join.

Here's to us all finding the magic in the everyday.


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