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Finding the Quantum Sea🌊

Updated: May 21

Dear Friends,

What a luxury it has been to return to other interests now that those big projects are finished! I’ve been diving back into learning energy medicine, where I am studying to be an EM practitioner. Even though what I’m learning is human-focused, throughout working on my projects, I continued volunteering at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary every Sunday. I’ve been putting my energy medicine skills to use, transposing it for animals, helping donkeys who are often survivors of neglect or abuse find their health again. It’s been magical to me, and I am constantly amazed at how what I’m learning underscores our interconnectedness.

I’ve always been fascinated by quantum physics, and the truth that all of life is, to quote physicist Bernard Haisch, “sustained at every instant by an underlying sea of quantum light.” I had never taken science courses in high school or in college, and so have played catch-up ever since.

While I’ve started to incorporate quantum physics and the underlying principles of energy medicine into my writing and art, I am going to do a deep dive into quantum theory for my next young adult book, layering story, science, energy, and a good plot all together so I can explore these things from all sides.

To prepare, I’m reading a book called, The Living Universe, by Duane Elgin. After that, I have Morphic Resonance, The nature of Formative Causation by Rubert Sheldrake, and then Women Who Run With the Wolves, Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. My only regret and that I take a long time to read these kinds of books. They will present an idea that blows my mind and I have to leave off reading them for a time, just to digest it. Eventually, I will read them, and add some books that directly address quantum physics as well. It’s so exciting to have a vehicle to explore these ideas.

Next month, I will share a few paintings I did that reflect that “sea of quantum light.” Painting with my heart, and not just with my eyes, opens up whole new ways of viewing the world.

As I start shifting toward a mix of writing, art, and energy medicine, I hope you will join the conversation in my Facebook group, which you are welcome to join. Here's to us all finding the magic in the "quantum sea."


P.S. I am looking for books about quantum physics that are aimed for those of us without a science background. If you know of any, let me know.

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