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IWSG: Coming up With a Book Title Vs. Writing the blurb

November’s IWSG Question:

"What’s harder to do, coming up with your book title or writing the blurb?

Ummm….do I have to choose? Both are excruciating! Occasionally, though, inspiration will strike for the perfect book title, whereas writing the blurb is a slow, t o r t u r o u s process of picking through the bones of my story and figuring out what it is I actually wrote! So, the blurb wins (or loses).

As I’ve grown smarter with age, I’ve realized that coming up with the blurb FIRST is easier on the nerves, and a way to shorten the writing process considerably, but that only works if you are a planner and an outliner. If you’re a “pantser,” writing by the seat of your pants, planning everything beforehand takes the fun out of it! I would say that I’m a planning-pantser, so usually whatever I outline now will look different by the end of the book. Not sure I’m any further ahead on my blurb writing!

What about you?

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