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IWSG: my biggest supporters

February Question - Is there someone who supported or influenced you that perhaps isn't around anymore? Anyone you miss?

I’m lucky in that the people who have supported me the most are still in my life. Because I’m a writer and illustrator, the support has been for both art and writing.

When I was little, my parents were taking oil painting lessons and on their trips to the art store would take me along. I got to pick out one art supply and I remember prowling the shelves, trying to determine which one to pick. I loved that. I loved that my interest in art was nurtured and respected, even though I was small. It made me feel like an official artist!

With writing I hadn’t even realized I wanted to be a writer until I was in my 30’s. My sister, Michele Torrey, is a successful writer and encouraged me. She was and is generous with her support and without her, it would have never occurred to me to write my own stories.

My husband Nav is now my biggest cheerleader and supports my artistic endeavors wholeheartedly, paying the bills while I follow my heart and believing in me even when I don’t quite believe in me!

Every single one of us needs someone who sees us, who is in our corner. I count myself lucky many times over!

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