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  • Andrea Torrey Balsara

Kindness Counts

It’s hard to raise children who are peacemakers in our society, but it IS possible. There are things we can do to help and the very first thing is to model the behaviour we want from them. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but effective parenting/mentoring isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Even if we slip up, by continuing to try, and continuing to model the behaviours we want, not only will the children benefit, but we will too, as will our society.

I am offering colouring pages to help with conversations that elevate our awareness and create conscious actions. For this colouring page I have chosen “Kindness” and I have added a few questions that will generate conversations (and hopefully lead to actions). I would love to hear what your family/community does to sow seeds of kindness!

For ten years I taught neighbourhood virtue classes through the Baha’i Faith; the classes, which I dubbed, “The Unity Kids Club,” welcomed children of all faiths and children from no faith tradition, to join together in friendship in a judgement-free environment. And so, I now invite each and every child to become a Unity Kids Club Member. All that’s required is a loving heart and willing spirit—something every child inherently possesses in varying and unique degrees.

Children are always welcome to send me their finished colouring page masterpieces and even share the answers they come up with to the questions.

Together we can build a better world, one action at a time.


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