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  • Andrea Torrey Balsara

My Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE

It isn’t every day that I launch a Kickstarter campaign. In fact, this is new to me, and SLIGHTLY out of my comfort zone. Okay, a LOT out of my comfort zone! But Unity in Diversity is an issue I care deeply about.

I care about it enough to get a little uncomfortable.

What IS Unity in Diversity, anyway?

It’s the awareness that we are all ONE. Just as there are flowers of different colours, shapes, and sizes in a flower garden, there are people who are different colours, shapes, and sizes (and ages!) in our human family.

We would never say that only red roses are allowed in a garden, as pretty as they are. Or white daisies. Or orange marigolds…you get the idea. If flower gardens are more beautiful because of their variety of colours, scents, shapes, and sizes, why is humanity any different?

Hint: It isn’t.

Diversity is a strength. Diversity means that where I am weak, your strength bolsters me up, and where you are weak, I can be strong. We can be strong together. Every people, every person, every child, is unique, precious, and beautiful.

The Nightingale’s Song brings that message of hope to children. Please support my kickstarter campaign, and be part of a worldwide shift toward UNITY.


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