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(2nd Edition)

Coming September, 2024

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  • A 25 minute Zoom consultation on writing or illustrating

  • A 25 minute Zoom creative coaching session with energy medicine


Ananda is a troubled teen who feels like a misfit, and her unusual ability to connect with animals makes her feel like even more of an outsider. Still raw from her grandmother’s death, Ananda's dreams are haunted by a long-buried memory that causes her to push people away. Fin is a Tunnel rat who lives in the dark places humans overlook or despise. Orphaned, he is the nephew of the Tunnel's charismatic leader and will do anything to please his uncle. When Ananda protects Fin during a chance encounter in the market, neither can foresee how their lives will forever be inextricably linked, but as the Chairman launches a plague war against the humans, both Fin and Ananda wrestle with secrets so terrible that they threaten their very existence.


Told as mirroring narratives that reverberate with the effects of buried trauma, and informed by historical accounts of plague and dictatorship, this stunning tale examines what it takes to grasp for light in the darkness and survive the threats both beyond us and within us.

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Review ~ Eric M,

The Great and Small is an incredible story that you do not want to miss!

This reviewer received a free copy of the ebook without obligation to provide a favorable or unfavorable review.
First, although this is not my ordinary genre I absolutely loved this story!
The Great and The Small by A.T. Balsara has a fast paced plot that sends the reader on a marvelous journey filled with adventure, love, humor, loss, fear, courage and betrayal. Balsara's engaging writing style is simple yet so eloquent it encourages the reader on.

Childrens YA Book Award Seal
Childrens YA Book Award Seal
Eloquent Quill
Literary Classics Book Awards 2018 ELOQUENT QUILL Award winner.
GOLD in Upper Middle Grade, and Epic
Page Turner Awards Shortlist 2020
A 2018 Moonbeam Book Awards Silver winner
purple dragonfly seal
A 2018 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards Silver Winner
NIEA finalist badge
SM Dragonfly Royal Seal Winner
The Great & the Small Book

1st Edition - Published in 2017

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